¡Hola! I am a Service and Interaction Designer based in London.

I am currently working on the re-design of this website so please come back in a bit. Drop me a line if you have any questions. thank you! :)


Service Design

As a Service Designer, I practice strategy, research methods, creative problem solving, and collaborative design methods to design services, experiences and systems. In the process, I consider all the system's touch-points to deliver a memorable experience for users and providers.

In the design process, I particularly enjoy the research stages to gain an understanding of the whole product experience and be able to strategize and design human-centered solutions. I am passionate about this approach as it allows me to create design solutions that are empathetic to both user and business' needs.

Currently, I am an Interaction Designer at Method, London.


Strategic Design
Service Design
Interaction Design
Organisational Design

Design Research
Brand Strategy
User Experience
Collaborative methods