The Opportunity

Existing platforms and tools for teachers focus on the intelligence quotient (IQ) development of the students, leaving the emotional quotient (EQ) out of the equation.  A focus on the EQ development is essential to provide a holistic and complete education to growing minds.

The Solution

EQU is an online social networking service for teachers to collaborate and share ideas to improve current education systems and solve classroom challenges. Through EQU, teachers will be able to share experiences and tools with other teachers to provide a well- rounded education experience to their students. Teachers all around the globe will be able to participate and join forces in a movement to provide a better education to students.

Finding the Opportunity

To develop a social network platform for teachers to collaborate and share ideas to improve current education systems and solve classroom challenges. 

Research Methods

We started by asking ourselves two questions:
- What are the missing parts of current education?
- What are some current problems education suffers?





Primary Research Methods

Field interviews, online interviews and phone interviews with teachers.

Interview Insights: 

  • Collaboration is key, and must exist in a local and global environment
  • Some issues of current education systems include: inequality training, teachers' quitting rate, lack of focus on student's soft skills, and political pressures on teachers.

Secondary Research Methods

Online Research Insights: 

Current resources for teachers lack:

  • A space to share ideas from other subjects that are not academic/ lectures.
  • Different simplified communication mediums in between teachers.


The Difference Can Be Made By Teachers.

However, there is a gap in the availability of resources offered to them.

Persona Development

Based on our research we developed insights to inform our user profile. 

Sophia reflects EQU's target audience. She believes in the power of collaboration to generate change. Her main career goal is to provide the best educational environment to her students. She values technology as a tool to enhance education  and collaborate with her peers. 


Developing Ideas

Based on our user's need, we ideate several solutions for the challenge to develop responsive design results.  Based on target research our user's will engage primarily through deskstop devices. EQU will allow its users to post different kind of media- text complemented with images, and videos. The posts will be organized and color coded within three main groups: planning, relationship, and  classroom challenges.

Interface Prototyping & Visualization

After developing ideas we prototyped them with paper and Axure RP. Following our prototypes we did different user testings. 


User Journey & Information Architecture Diagram

User Interface Design

Responsive User Interface Design Explorations

Design Team: Roque Silva & Ana Soto