The intended use of following information is for educational purposes in regards to Savannah College of Art & Design’s course: SERV 312 Technologies & Services. This project contains information explored by students to understand business practices and technologies.

Data information provided does not reflect actual sales, figures, and performance of the company Zicasso.

Discovering an Opportunity

Zicasso is an online luxury travel referral service that matches discerning travelers with the industry's top 10% travel specialists.  Through different tools we were able to analyze Zicasso's service offerings.







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“We excel at helping you get your vacation planned. Not just any vacation, but exceptional vacations filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences.”- Zicasso

Persona Development

Based on our research on the company we developed our user profile. Paul represents the user of our dashboard. He is a manager at Zicasso that need to keep track of the business performance. 


Understanding Strategic Goals

In order to develop the management dashboard it was crucial to understand the business activities, the strategy of the organization, the critical success factors and the key performance indicators. The balanced scorecard allowed us to understand the company's strategic aims, critical success factors and key performance indicators and key resultant indicators.


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KPIs & KRIs Dashboard Visualization

After developing the balanced scorecard we moved into the visualizations of Zicasso's Key Performance Indicators to envision the management dashboard interface design.


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Financial Tab

The finance portion of the dashboard is important for measuring key objectives for the businesses regarding expenses, revenue and profit.

Certain graphs show the financial information on a broader basis versus the others that highlight the specifics individually.

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Customers Tab

The strategic aims for the Customer tab is improving the quality of customers, expanding the customer base, and increasing customer loyalty.

Within these strategic aims, the critical success factors being measured are customer volume loyalty, customization, and personalized attention quality, and web client relationship management. 



Internal Process Tab

The Internal process tab provides key performance indicators and results that help maintain and keep track of Zicasso’s quality standards.

In order to ensure these standards, the dashboard measurements provides an overview of Zicasso’s rating system, specialists and quality of locations. 


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Development & Renewal Tab 

The development tab focuses on Zicasso’s growth. Certain areas are measured under to understand Zicasso’s current growth rate and other areas of potential.




Employees Tab 

The Employees tab helps Zicasso manage their human resources and maintain key partnerships. Metrics help Zicasso evaluate the need, quality, and potential results by new and current specialists.

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Design Team: Brennen Thaney, Molly Werner, Jeannie Fung & Ana Soto