What a Sushi Experience!

As a sushi lover and eater I was pretty happy to find a sushi place near SCAD's Campus in Sham Shui Po. I found Genki sushi in the Dragon Center when  I needed a quick lunch in between classes. The food was delicious, however I must accept I was influence by the happiness of experiencing such a great and smooth service system. 

The steps are clearly labeled (very useful because all text is un Cantonese). As you walk in, you are greeted by friendly staff members, who recite a welcome line in cantonese. Luckily, smiles are universal and easy to understand.  Once, you are seated there is green tea in the table. 

The sushi individual plates rotate through the restaurant and you just grab the ones you wish (brings me back to this: pokemon). You get a numbered receipt to follow your order/ service. The plates are color coded with the different prices, and the menu is clearly labeled with the different options.  At the end, the waiter counts and sums up all of the plates through a simple interface that links to the main cash register. Check out is in the main cash register closer to the front of the restaurant.

Supporting services: app and Take- away pickup