wowwww... biomimicry.

At first, I was very impressed by this TEDtalk. In short words, I was speechless. My mind traveled through time to my high school biology classes, where we were inspired and believed in the power of nature. 

Biomimicry is a world with amazing opportunities. Every time I learn about how is applied to design and science, I am simply astonished. The opportunities are endless, as seen in this video. 

After I manage to clear my mind I was able to appreciate the storytelling techniques used in the video. It helps us, the viewer, understand the context in a better way. The narration starts showing films of things that move to slow for our vision (Planet Earth scenes and aurora borelis scene= *tear*), then it transitions to things that move to fast for us to see, relating the skills of nature to biomimicry, and then it moves to things that are to small for us to see. I believe this last part is the main idea exposed. All of the different stages that we learn before, gives us a better understanding of the technology used; it simplifies the concepts. Without the different steps if narration the experience of watching this film wouldn't be the same. 

The TEDtalk: